Monday, December 8, 2008

Look at me!

I am concerned that I am joining the "I've got a useless blog that serves only to indulge my self-absorption" bandwagon before it has passed the lame, everyone-is-doing-it stage and moved on to the slightly more tolerable, ironic stage. That's a bummer because I've decided to write one anyway.

Here is a list of things that I intend my blog to be:

  • A way for me to waste time on the internet while feeling mildly productive.

  • A place to post links to things I think are cool.

  • A place for me to post funny interesting relevant sane stories about my life and not have to look at the blank stares that I usually receive when telling said stories in person.

I'm taking a relaxed approach towards this blog and will kind of just let it develop as I go. If people read it, right on, if not well then I am just clearly ahead of my time and you all are assholes with no vision.

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